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There is wellness, then there is greatness

Motto/ Mission/ Core Values


Personalized- Optimized- Regeneration


Optimize each individual’s health through precision and personalized healthcare.

Core Values

Our approach and decisions are driven by these Core Values:

  • Energetic– We will serve others with enthusiasm and be intentional in our praises and approach.
  • Professionalism– We will serve and treat with respect and empathy.
  • Excellence– To provide services guided by up to date research and health information guided by each patient and client’s unique profile and individual needs. We will introduce the latest technology that will facilitate assessment and treatment inside and outside the office.
  • Compassion– We will understand and provide support to our clients and team members’ mishaps.

What is Regenomics?

“Regenomics” is the combination of “Regeneration” (the process of renewal, restoration and growth) and “Genomics” or more specifically “epigenetic” (how your lifestyle alters your gene expression). Dr. Barreto is very passionate about these two fields and how they interact and potentiate (synergy) to optimize your health overall and reach your potential.

Dr. Barreto is a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician with a subspecialty in Interventional Pain Medicine and Orthobiologics (Regenerative Medicine or Regenerative Orthopedics).

He completed the only ACGME accredited “hybrid” fellowship in the United States combining traditional Interventional Pain Management and Orthobiologics (Regenerative Medicine or Regenerative Orthopedics).

Jose Barreto MD, PT


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