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We have 3 different services

Orthobiologics– treatment of different musculoskeletal conditions (arthritis, joint, tendon, ligament, nerves) with different Regenerative Orthopedics approaches (Prolotherapy, PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma, Bone marrow cell therapy).

Epigenetic coaching– lifestyle programs designed based on a 360 lifestyle review including your genetic profile. You have a coach that will follow up with you monthly over a year to help you reach your goals and maximize your potential.

“Regenomics”– for clients with musculoskeletal conditions who want to optimize their outcomes with their orthobiologics treatment. This includes both the orthobiologics (regenerative medicine) and the Epigenetic coaching.

Our purpose:

Improve your lifestyle and facilitate and optimize your body’s own ability to heal. In other words, to help you restore and regenerate their health without drugs or surgery.


Why our bodies degenerate?

There are many responsible factors that contribute to our body’s degeneration over time. Some are controllable (lifestyle, stress, genetic and epigenetic factors, poor nutrition, hormone imbalances, etc) and some are uncontrollable factors (aging, trauma, etc). The good news is that most of these factors are controllable and reversible.


Is it possible to move from degeneration to regeneration?

Short answer: YES!


How can you move from “DEGEN-eration” into “REGEN-eration”?

Did you know that 75% of what kills us (the top 10 causes of death) are lifestyle-related?

First, we need a shift in our view on how healthcare should be.  Our current health paradigm and model can help us survive but not necessarily thrive.  We need to stop masking your symptoms and start addressing the root cause of your “degeneration”.

Our REGEN approach can help you accomplish this.  Our model is comprehensive, personalized and uses a systems-based approach.

Then, once we have all these data, we can implement personalized lifestyle and medical interventions to shift the balance of your body and mind into “REGEN-eration” mode. We accomplish this by addressing and improving the things that lead to degeneration in your body (poor sleep, epigenetic factors, metabolic problems, hormone imbalance, joint problems, pain, dysfunctional movement and other lifestyle factors) and focusing on regeneration (exercise, sleep, positive mindset, regenerative procedures, nutrition, growth mentality, etc).

Our goal:

Improve your health, vitality and longevity in order and help you reach your potential.

The R.E.G.E.N. System

Here is a quick overview:

R- Regeneration

E- Energy

G- Growth

E- Epigenetics

N-Nerve Health


R- Regeneration (Nerve and Joint health)– this involves the health of your joints, spine and peripheral nerves.  We use different types of regenerative medicine to reverse degenerative processes in your body and help you heal so you can move better and alleviate pain (if present).

  • Prolotherapy
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Bone marrow cell therapy
  • Perineural innjections

E- Energy (Overall health)- these are the fundamentals, your foundation to improve your overall health and perform better.  We design a program based on your current needs and genetic profile that addresses many areas including:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition (IV vitamins)
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Environment
  • Hormones
  • Biohacking

G- Growth (Prosperity)– Our mindset is not to move away from illness but to move toward health and optimization. Our body is constantly listening to our thoughts.  You can be your biggest cheerleader but also your main detractor (or critic).  Making good choices and staying focus is not easy, that’s why we have a coaching program to help you stay on the “REGEN” track.  Among many things, we help you in these areas:

  • Find your purpose
  • Goal setting
  • Success algorithms
  • Life coaching and mentorship
  • Contribute (Contribution)

E- Epigenetics (Overall health and regeneration)– How our actions and habits affect our genetic expression. Did you know that what you eat have an effect on which genes are turned off or on in your body? Did you know that what you do (or don’t do) now can affect your future offspring?

  • Epigenetic optimization
  • Telomere health
  • Wearable- Bio-psychometric monitoring
  • Bio-specific programming

N- Nerve Health- Our brain and nerves are critical for proper function, movement and enjoyment of life.  For brain optimization, we perform cognitive testing and design a program that will optimize your brain function.   For peripheral nerves and fascia, we perform a functional movement screening and monitor your symptoms.  Improving your peripheral nerves and fascia functions could involve many things from exercise, soft tissue therapies and perineural injection therapies.  We address and improve all these areas of your body:

  • Fascia
  • Peripheral nerves
  • Cognitive function (Central Nervous System-Brain function)
  • Stress
  • Autonomic system