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It was a fastball down the middle of the plate that started him on this amazing journey. While playing baseball at age 15, he took a big swing and hurt his back. He needed a month of intensive physical therapy and it was during that recovery that he was afforded the opportunity to learn more about health care and the specialists that treat musculoskeletal injuries. It was during this time when he began developing a special admiration and interest for the medical field and its professionals. Having played team sports since he was a little kid helped develop skills to be a great team player.

Based on these experiences, he decided to become a physical therapist (PT). He was able to practice in such varied fields as sport medicine, pediatrics and geriatrics. However, based on his desire to become a consummate expert in this field, made him pursue further study of medicine.

During medical school he rotated through different disciplines but being a PT he always knew that Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (aka PM&R, Rehab Medicine or Physiatry) was the natural fit for him. After completing his intern year, he moved to Dallas, Texas to continue his training at UT Southwestern Medical Center and Parkland Hospital. Here, he was blessed to work alongside amazing physicians from different parts of the US and the world. As an added plus, Dallas was a great city for a sports fan like him since it has a team in all 4 major sports!

After 3 years of training in PM&R, he knew he was closer than ever to the goal of becoming an expert in the field. He wanted to have more experience and credentials in interventional procedures and with that in mind he moved from deep in the heart of Texas to the east coast-Virginia. Here he trained with an excellent mentor- Dr. Jeff Ericksen. There, Dr. Barreto had the chance to “drink” a different and refreshing “Kool Aid” in the Regenerative Medicine world, particularly Prolotherapy and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

Completing an ACGME accredited fellowship in Interventional Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine fellowship (subspecialty) fulfilled his goal and completed that part of the journey he started 16 years earlier. (This was the only ACGME accredited fellowship in the nation that combined Pain Medicine and Regenerative Medicine).

During his subspecialty training, he traveled with his mentor as part of a mission trip to Honduras. It was there where he met Dr. Thomas Bond with whom he joined to work TotalCare Health and Wellness Medical Center in Lafayette, Louisiana for 3 years.

Unfortunately, Dr. Jeff Ericksen passed away a few years ago. But to this date, thanks to his mentor, Dr. Barreto still goes to Honduras every year to be part of the medical mission trip where he treats patients with Prolotherapy injections and teach other physicians from around the world in these techniques.

The combination of years of education, clinical practice, research, and clinical experience have taught Dr. Barreto about the importance of lifestyle choices in clinical outcomes. Things like sleep, nutrition, stress and exercise will impact your longevity and more importantly, your quality of life.

Your overall health and local “environment” (your body) will have a huge impact on how you heal after an injury, and how you respond to any medical treatment. In the world of Interventional Pain Medicine and Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Barreto has learned the importance of “healthy body, healthy cells”. Healthy cells will lead to better body regeneration and renewal and thus better outcomes.

With this in mind and in order to achieve the best possible clinical outcomes for his clients and patients, Dr. Barreto trained and learned the art of epigenetic coaching in order to design lifestyle programs based on your genetic profile.