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Non-Surgical Relief

Dr. Barreto utilizes uncomplicated procedures like injections and electrical stimulation therapy.

Advanced Technology

Your treatments are guided with precise diagnostic testing like neuromuscular mapping and ultrasound.

All-Natural Treatment

Dr. Barreto’s minimally invasive therapies naturally stimulate and amplify your own healing mechanisms.

Our Smart Back Pain Treatments in Orlando

Dr. Barreto will evaluate your condition and put together a game plan of highly effective, minimally invasive therapies like injections and to accelerate healing.

Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP therapy collects and concentrates the platelets from your blood to be re-injected into problem areas where they help to relieve pain and discomfort.

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Inflammation and back pain typically exist in unison and are even symptoms of some specific conditions. Prolotherapy injections employ a safe, non-narcotic solution to reduce inflammation.

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The Lipogems system utilizes the regenerative stem cells from your body’s fat to provide the full range of benefits of stem cell therapy to heal damaged tissue and promote new cell growth.

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Causes and Symptoms of Back Pain?

Back pain has many, many causes. Injuries and accidents, repetitive lifting, health conditions like osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal strains — the list is endless and sometimes there are even multiple causes with compounded effects. While any area on the back can be affected, the lower back and neck and shoulder areas are among the most common.

Regardless of the origin of the pain or where it’s located, the most common struggle that people cite is that back pain simply overtakes their life. The day ceases to be about thriving and starts to be about accommodating the discomfort. Work, off-hours, even your sleep time isn’t safe from disruption. Dr. Barreto is enthusiastic about healing your pain without surgery or risky pharmaceuticals.

Other Ways to Treat Back Pain?

A lot of people with back pain find that certain self-care techniques provide temporary relief. Habits such as maintaining a straight posture while sitting or walking, getting regular exercise, sleeping on your side, and taking regular stretching and walking breaks during long periods of sitting are actually fairly effective in keeping painful flare-ups at bay.

Many of Dr. Barreto’s patients have experienced significant improvement when Epigenetic Coaching is part of their treatment protocol. Epigenetic Coaching, which seeks to optimize your health by analyzing your genetic makeup and tailoring your lifestyle to fit, can improve a number of factors that cause or contribute to back pain.

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