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Get Back in the Driver’s Seat of Life

Avoid Surgery

Many of the injuries for which people have surgery are actually treatable with less invasive methods.

Enjoy Life Again

You don’t have to let your well-being be taken by a car accident, you can heal and get your life back.

All Natural Treatment

Dr. Barreto specializes in natural therapies that heal pain without surgery or narcotics.

Dr. Barreto’s Non-Surgical Approach to Healing

Many people who are experiencing the after effects of a car accident are led to believe that risky painkillers or invasive surgery are their only chance at recovery, and that’s simply not true. Dr. Barreto offers non-surgical treatment plans that have healed his patients injuries and restored their quality of life.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP therapy works by concentrating blood platelets with a centrifuge and then reinjecting back into affected sites to repair damaged tissue and eliminate pain through true healing.

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Car accidents can be violent and cause serious structural damage to your body. Lipogems therapy uses your body’s own stem cells to repair and regenerate damage.

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Car accidents often result in pain and inflammation that affects the tendons and ligaments. In these situations, Prolotherapy injections provide relief by stimulating the body’s healing mechanisms.

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Types of Injuries From Car Accidents

Single-vehicle collisions, multiple-vehicle collisions, rear-end collisions — the variety and nature of car accidents varies greatly, and so do the resulting injuries. Every day, Dr. Barreto helps patients who are experiencing the effects of whiplash, neck injuries, shoulder pain, knee injuries, spinal injuries, back injuries, and more. Regardless of where injuries occur, pain is the common factor they all share.

In some situations, the pain is minor and “not that big of a deal, considering…” and in others, it’s relentless and debilitating. Anyone whose life and well-being is affected by a car accident deserves to once again be able to live their life on their terms, to their aspirations, and without unwanted restriction from injuries and the pain they cause.

Treatment for Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injuries and affect millions of people every year. When you consider the fact that most accidents are caused by alcohol, speeding, reckless driving, or just bad luck, you could be the most careful driver in the world and still end up with chronic pain that affects

Dr. Barreto’s approach to pain management stimulates and utilizes your body’s natural ability to repair itself and heal your injuries so you can get past the pain and on with your life. His modalities do not rely on surgery or aggressive, habit-forming prescription drugs that simply mask the pain.

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Don’t let injuries from a car accident relegate you to a lifetime of pain. You have it within you to heal and Dr. Barreto will show you how to experience relief that’s effective and surgery free.