Epigenetic Coaching in Orlando Florida

Experience What It Really Means to Live Your Best Life

Our Epigenetic Coaching Program

Epigenetic Coaching is a lifestyle-based medical program that’s based on your genetic profile and other body markers (labs, biometrics, goals, etc.). The custom program accounts for nutrition, sleep, exercise, supplementation, and stress management and tailors each to your genetic makeup.

Custom Treatment to Enhance Your Longevity

The protocol is unique to you and designed to help you become the best version of yourself.

Improve Physical and Cognitive Performance

Fine-tuning your lifestyle lays the foundation upon which your physical and mental health can thrive.

Reduce Stress & Sleep Better

Epigenetic Coaching streamlines your life to lessen your stressors and help your sleep be more restful.

How Epigenetic Coaching Works

Epigenetic Coaching works by analyzing your genetic makeup and creating a lifestyle plan that corresponds with your DNA. It determines your best diet, how you should be resting, and what specialized and supplemental nutrition you may need to improve your health.

Many of Dr. Barreto’s patients have reported that once they learn how to activate and suppress gene expression with nutrition, sleep, etc., the benefits and improvements they experience add up and quickly compound with each other. This uptick improves every aspect of your health.

What is the Process of Epigenetic Coaching

Epigenetic Coaching is not a one-time appointment, but rather an ongoing program. Dr. Barreto will get you started with an initial patient discovery — a comprehensive exam that includes:

Blood Work

A blood test is a fast way to get a look at your overall health status. It's a procedure that measures everything from blood count to metabolic markers, vitamin levels, etc., and provides insight into how your entire body is functioning.

DNA Test

Your DNA is not necessarily your destiny but a simple swab of your cheek will tell your genetic makeup and give you a starting point so you can make health decisions that complement your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses.

Biological Age Test

With the biological age test, we can get a picture of your current state of health and develop a treatment plan that'll tell your cells to act younger for longer, regardless of how many birthday
candles you have.

After reviewing your health history, Dr. Barreto will decipher your DNA makeup and wellness panel and create a customized lifestyle program. He’ll then track your progress and provide counseling to help you reach your target. All this can be done on-site at our clinic in Orlando, Florida or we can mail you the tests and you can do the program virtually at home.

Who Can Benefit from Epigenetic Coaching?

Whether you’re new to health and fitness and want to start strong or you’re a seasoned athlete trying to get to the next level, we have an Epigenetic Coaching Program that’ll help you achieve your goals.

Get the Results You Want With the Program That’s Right for You

We provide three tiers of membership for our Epigenetic Coaching Program. Some of the services and perks include:

Live your best life, Experience Better Health Through Better Living

Enjoying good health for the long term is the result of making smart lifestyle decisions. Epigenetic Coaching will give you the exact knowledge and insight you need to make the right decisions for you.


Epigenetics is the study of genetic variations caused by lifestyle choices and environmental surroundings that suppress or activate gene expression, without affecting DNA. Studies show that diet, living and work environments, stress, exercise, and substance use tremendously influence how genes operate and those variables can be adjusted in order to produce more advantageous outcomes.
Epigenetic therapy is the use of drugs or other epigenome-influencing techniques to treat medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes by altering cell expression.
Aside from a comprehensive blood work panel, we also do DNA, age, and hormone testing to design a personalized program to put you on the path to accomplishing your health objectives. We follow you every step of the way and surround you with a team of professionals that are committed to helping you succeed.
Regenomics' Epigenetic Coaching Program is generally not covered by standard insurance, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of reach. We’re pleased to offer a variety of payment methods and our administrative staff is skilled at making sure you get the care you deserve.